2020 Honda Clarity Release Date

2020 Honda Clarity Release Date

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2020 Honda Clarity Release Date – Don’t jump to the next story of a brand new SUV or pickup truck! We understand gas is cheap and truck sales boomer, but that doesn’t mean a car like the 2019 Honda Clarity plug-in hybrid deserves to be ignored. During our time with this green thinking Honda sedan, we discovered it is an affordable, convenient and comfortable alternative to many mainstream competitors.

2020 Honda Clarity Release Date

Thanks to the combination of a small petrol engine and two electric motors, clarity can easily work as your only car. This is not the case with many Pure electric vehicles, which may have more restricted driving range or may take a long time to recharge. With a plug-in hybrid, you have a limited range of electric power combined with extended mileage when the gas-fed engine kicks in.

Of course, this balance of power can sometimes result in awkward driving behavior and strange noises. Much as we like it, there is no question of clarity exhibiting some of these Powertrain Control quirks. You may also notice the edgy exterior is not what you would call bashful-decided the opposite, in fact.

Let’s take a look at some of the things we enjoyed during the clarity of our moment if we can — plus a few areas where improvement is warranted. Here are eight things we like and four we don’t, about the 2019 Honda Clarity plug-in hybrid.

Gasoline prices creep up and down a few cents each week, making the fuel refill internal combustion engine a fairly consistent expense — most of the time I put about five gallons of gas in the tank and run around $ 23.00 (gasoline in California is expensive).

Electricity is a completely different ballgame as energy providers (in our case Southern California Edison) Throttle prices up and down based on demand. During a hot summer day, prices are very steep. Eight hours later, when the sun has set, prices plunged.

The above image is a composite of two different electrical charges. Both added about 40 miles of range to the battery, but the charge during the day was $ 11.71, while the charge at night was just $ 1.81 (ignoring the time on the charger as it is mostly irrelevant). Paying $ 11.71 to travel 40 miles is ridiculously expensive — equivalent to about 16 mpg. But, paying $ 1.81 to travel 41 miles is really good — equivalent to about 116 mpg. Interested in seeing how low we can keep home charging costs during the month of October, I will only charge after 9:00 PM when rates are lowest (Remember, charging only takes about 2.5 hours).

The “ECON” button in Clarity PHEV is officially designed to limit the amount of combustion engine use that is theoretically capable of increasing fuel efficiency. But I’ve run tank after tank with the ECON button enabled, and disabled, and I can’t seem to notice an iota of the difference between the two settings. The latest tank, with the ECON button deactivated, returned 91.74 mpg – not shabby at all.

Two tanks earlier, with the button activated, the clarity delivered 82.53 mpg – a little worse. Maybe that’s a mental thing, but I’m also convinced that having the ECON button activated reduces the activity of the Air conditioning compressor (makes the cabin hotter) and it slows the Throttle response (which makes the accelerator pedal feel a little more sluggish). I don’t like any of these perceived side effects (whether I imagine them or not), so I’ll defeat the ECON button for the next month or so and see how the fuel efficiency fares.

Proving the theory in our last update, we squeezed 644 miles out of clarity’s latest tank fuel. After pumping in just 3.27 liters of gasoline, the battle calculates to nearly 197 mpg – that’s a new record for us. Unlike most of our previous fuel tanks, which were handicapped by the commute, we spent a long weekend driving Honda and charging the battery every time we were near a Level 2 charger (we even found an open unit in the mall ).

We only dipped in the internal combustion engine a few times, thus explaining why we burned a few liters of regular lead-free. We should note that we’ve been operating clarity in “Eco” mode almost continuously – it doesn’t seem to cramp our driving style. Maybe we will run it in “sports” mode next, just to see how much our efficiency is compromised?

We have been heaping miles on clarity over the past few months-a testimony to how much we like the quiet, comfortable, and extremely fuel-saving Honda. As expected, the “service” light illuminated the 15,000-mile service as we neared the milestone. We used HondaLink, which is the Clarity smartphone app, to effortlessly schedule service while at 38,000 feet on a Cross-Country flight!

Honda of Thousand Oaks took great care of us, changing the oil and rotating the tires for a reasonable $ 68.64 out the door. Our only “problem” that the dealership took care of was with the passenger-side wiper that was pressing the a-pillar on each sweep (the blame is directed to Safelite Repair Guy, who reinstalled the wiper arm incorrectly when he replaced our windshield last month). Other than that, clarity has been flawless.

Safelite Auto Glass finally found us a replacement windshield which was installed last Wednesday-30 days after a cut broke it. Waiting for repair parts was eye-opening (and staggering as we drove with a cracked windshield), but the cost of the original Honda Glass equipment was nothing short of jaw-dropping. We signed a $ 1,893.10 repair receipt, which left us stupefied (Fortunately, we have a guarantee to cover the cost).

Windscreen glass is multi-layered and laminated as it has been for years, but modern technology adds special bonded hardware and black-out areas for cameras and sensors that significantly increase costs (we’ve seen the same price escalations happen for headlights that are even so expensive these days). And, apropos cameras, Safelite told us they can’t calibrate the clarity of the Lane departure camera – we’ll have to ask the dealer to do that when we take Honda in for service (and, we’ve been told, that will cost us at least an hour of labor).