2020 Honda CRV Redesign Canada

2020 Honda CRV Redesign Canada

2020 Honda CRV Redesign Canada – Honda unveiled the US-made 2020 Honda CR-V hybrid for the first time as part of the popular CR-V mid-cycle update. Honda left the CR-V design alone. Dark chrome and light lenses make all 2020 CR-V elegant, with or without a hybrid drivetrain or internal combustion engine, and gracefully integrate fog lights into the front bumper. The CR-V Hybrid also gets a “hybrid” badge as well as an exclusive blue Honda shield on the grill.

2020 Honda CRV Redesign Canada

The CR-V Hybrid gets an exclusive push button gear selector that is a much more elegant application of the layout that Honda uses on other vehicles like pilots and accords. Within the CR-V hybrid, the new selector lies down with a drive mode button (ECO, Sports, EV), freeing up valuable space used on the charging surface of the wireless smartphone. The CR-V hybrid also boasts a new digital device display that presents the information that you need or want to see in a hybrid vehicle. There are vehicle power / charge status and driver selectable displays for power distribution and regeneration. The last exclusive feature in the CR-V hybrid is a pair of paddle shifters that act like an on and off switch for deceleration. By operating the left paddle, the driver can increase the amount of regenerative braking from the electric motor when decelerating, a clever feature first seen in the unfortunate Cadillac ELR.

A cleverly redesigned center console bin included with all other 2020 Honda CR-V, regardless of trim level. Honda says, “It offers easy-to-use and more flexible storage options,” and it certainly looks like that. All CR-V touring models now come standard with the wireless charging surface we talked about earlier. An infotainment system that works via a 7.0-inch touch screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration is available, and it can also be used by complementing a redundant in-house navigation system. Front passenger heating seats with remote engine start, dual zone climate control, rear USB charging port, and power adjustment are also available.

Under the new Honda CR-V hybrid bonnet, we find the same Honda familiar two-motor hybrid powertrain with the Accord Hybrid that combines a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder engine and two electric motors. Together they produce a total system output of 212 hp.

Although EPA has not yet published a fuel economy estimate, Honda is confident enough to predict a 50% increase over the normal CR-V city rating. This will give the CR-V hybrid an estimated rating of 42 miles per gallon in the city, and if accurate, Honda’s hybrid crossover is a simpler around town than the 41-mpg Toyota RAV4 hybrid. It will be more efficient than a single mpg.

The CR-V hybrid battery pack and its control system puts shoes underneath the cargo floor without affecting the versatile cargo space. All CR-V hybrids are equipped with Honda’s two-motor all-wheel drive system, the first application in the United States that enables power transfer from the electric motor to the rear wheels through the activation of an electronic clutch.

All other versions of the 2020 Honda CR-V use the same turbocharged 1.5 liter 4-cylinder engine and are rated at 190 hp and meet the CWD with AWD optional availability.

The Honda CR-V is the second best selling CUV in the United States for a reason. With this 2020 refresh, the reason seems to be reinforced by the addition of hybrid options. If you have a chance to get behind the wheel, we will tell you how successful the Honda refresh was. Although the price has not been announced as “Yes”, Honda says it will determine the market share close to the 2020 CR-V release date. The gas-powered CR-V will be introduced in the fall and the hybrid version will arrive early next year.