2020 Honda Fit Sport Review

2020 Honda Fit Sport Review – Honda Fit, known as Jazz in some markets, will be redesigned. The prototype has been spotted and exposes a rounded, slimmer shape for a new subcompact hatch. The prototype also gives a glimpse into the new interior design that looks to display a large infotainment screen in the center of the dash.

2020 Honda Fit Sport Review

Honda considered planning a hybrid powertrain as the only option for the new Fit. This will likely be a variation of the settings used in the latest Insight, in which the inline-4 Atkinson 1.5-liter cycle is paired with two electric motors that replace the transmission. However, the ranking 151-horsepower Insight may be targeted at Fit, as the current car develops only 128 hp from a 1.5-liter inline-4.

There is also a slight probability that Honda finally added an electric powertrain on the new Fit EV. In this way, automakers will have a choice in the market that will lose his upcoming electric car based on the concept of Urban EV 2017, such as the United States.

Look for a new Fit debut in October at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. The car must arrive in the showroom shortly after the 2020 model. One of Fit’s main rivals, Nissan Versa, will also be redesigned for the year 2020.

Since it was first sold as a 2007 model, Honda Fit has become one of our favorite small cars, and a combination of sporty handling, outstanding fuel economy, and unparalleled practicality make it a great follower Dedicated. Last redesigned for the 2015 model year, and we’re pleased to see Honda has another generation in development.

The prototype seen here was taken by one of our spy photographers in Europe, so technically not a Fit-gen next. There, they call it Jazz, and there is no guarantee that our version will be exactly the same as Europe. From the design side, there should be no significant difference between the two cars.

As you see, Honda will not make any radical changes to the next Fit-gen form. It’s still a small hatchback with a sharp sweeping windshield and a pillar that extends far to the front end, although the overall design seems to be getting rounded and maybe a bit more fat. Take a good look at the headlights, and it seems that the real housing shape will be more angled than at first glance with camouflage in place.

If you look around the photos, you’ll also notice that there are two different Fit prototypes here. The ones with simpler grids stick to the basic fit formula, but those shown here seem to be a kind of crossover-fied fit, complete with a lighted fenders, door frames, and roof shelves. We’re not sure what Honda planned here or whether this version (could have an all-wheel drive?) It will even come to the U.S., but it will make sense given the same approach by other manufacturers.

There are good chances Honda will offer a hybrid version of the new Fit, as well as a fully electric version, in the global market. It remains to be seen whether Honda will be selling more than one Fit version in the US, though, because small car sales are much lower in our throats than in Europe.