2020 Honda HR-V Turbo USA Review

2020 Honda HR-V Turbo USA Review

2020 Honda HR-V Turbo USA Review – We have Always thought that the Honda HR-V crossover could be much more entertaining if it had the Civic four-cylinder turbocharged of 1.5 liters, and it seems that Honda’s European division was listening. A new Sport variant of HR-V for the European market seems to live up to its name with that 1.5 T engine, a six-speed manual transmission, chassis settings and several visual improvements inside and out.

2020 Honda HR-V Turbo USA Review

The 1.5 T In this application appears to be the same improved version used in the Civic Sport hatchback, with 180 horsepower and 177 lb-ft of torque routed through a standard six-speed manual transmission (an automatic transmission is offered Continuously variable or CVT) Also, which reduces torque to 162 lb-ft). Honda does not mention traction on all wheels, so it seems that the Sport is only front-wheel drive, like all other HR-V on the European market.

In Addition to the additional growl, the HR-V Sport has 18-inch wheels, variable ratio direction and its own more sporty suspension melody. It Also has more interesting images that include a body kit, black finishing pieces, double exhaust tips, a rear spoiler, LED headlamps and a honeycomb front grille treatment. Inside, the red and black upholstery helps to flavor the atmosphere of the cabin.

This package is much more attractive than the HR-V of the U.S. market, Which added a level of Sport equipment with its update of 2019, but still uses the same engine of 1.8 liters and four cylinders with 141 horsepower. Honda also eliminated the six-speed standard manual transmission of the HR-V in the United States for 2019, leaving the CVT as the only transmission option and eliminating any portion of the small SUV enthusiast’s credential. But Honda will not comment on the possibilities of this Euro HR-V to get here, and it seems unlikely, because, unfortunately, there is little demand for tiny turbo crossovers of change of stick. And, certainly, the Civic Sport hatchback, which won 10Best, already fills this niche on our shores. Still, we wouldn’t mind seeing a HR-V like this in America. Are You listening, Honda?2020 Honda HR-V

Usually when we are anxious for a vehicle from the European market, it is a kind of sports car or a van. But in a weird moment, we’d really like to have a little crossover. You See, Europe now receives something called Honda HR-V Sport, and it sounds legitimately fun with a turbo engine and even a manual transmission.

Under the hood is practically the same turbocharged engine of four cylinders and 1.5 liters that you will find in a Civic or a CR-V. It Produces 180 horsepower and 177 lb/ft of torque with manual transmission and 162 lb/ft with CVT. Those are the same specs as the engine in the Civic Sport Hatchback that we get here. On Top of that, the European HR-V Sport improves the impact and visual adjustments, such as the most aggressive bodywork, the black wheels and the interior in a sports upholstery but sophisticated in red and dark red with more resistant seats.

Everything seems like a pretty sweet combination, especially since we already enjoyed the Civic Sport Hatchback, which offers the same power for about the same weight. Of course, considering the power surge on the HR-V basis, this model should probably be marketed as a HR-V If in the United States. And we could certainly argue that any turbo Civic would be a better buy, but knowing the In the current automotive market, we definitely want to secure some fun crosses, as traditional sedans and hatchbacks become less Popular.