2020 Honda Jazz RS Review

2020 Honda Jazz RS Review

2020 Honda Jazz RS Review – The third generation of Honda Jazz (also called Honda Fit in some countries) has fought for several years in the market. Apparently, the new replacements are on the way. Some portraits of the fourth generation of Honda Jazz taken by some known media explain that this urban car is being tested somewhere in southern Europe. The Full Camouflage screen indicates that the exterior and the design of the Jazz underwent a slight change.

2020 Honda Jazz RS Review

Based on the photos that circulate, the designs of boxes that are characteristic of the Jazz are still maintained, but with slightly different proportions. Seen from the side, there are smaller side pieces of glass, which give the design of the pillar To which is more manly. The mirrors are also re-positioned, which is called increasing visibility to the side.

At the front, the headlights provide a smaller form than the market version today. Meanwhile, the third-generation vertical taillights are replaced with a horizontal display, which provides a better width of the vehicle.

Paul’s report shows that the new Jazz debuts in 2020. And with renewable energy competition, Honda will probably do the same by providing a mixture of gasoline and hybrid power supply. Although The latter is still too early to establish this assertion.

Another possibility is the complete electrical variant to control important markets, such as Europe and China. The Nikkei reports that electricity will provide driving distances of about 300 km. In Addition, it was reported that Honda agreed to cooperate with the Chinese contemporary company Amperex Technology (CATL) for the development of electric vehicles. It Could be that the Jazz EV has its first debut in a few months.

Honda continues to rely on a renewal version of the third generation of Jazz that was launched on July 26, 2017. With rivals who are quite heavy of Ignis Suzuki and Datsun Go Live that were exhibited at the International Car Show 2018 Gaikindo Indonesia, it is very possible that Honda accelerate the launch of Jazz the next generation

Covered from head to toe with a camouflage wrapper, it is difficult to distinguish too many details of the new car’s style. However, there is no disguise of the general silhouette of the new Jazz, which preserves the appearance of mini-people-move-find-high-hatch of the first three generations.

In line with the company’s rediscovery of its sporting mojo, the front edge of the front door windows has been aggressively tilted backwards.

For the first time, Jazz will feature taillights that extend into the tailgate. It Will Be Interesting to see how Honda integrates its winged grid design into the new high hatch.

It is Not known which propulsion systems will count in the car, but thanks to Honda’s renewed enthusiasm for electrification, a hybrid is almost certain.

With the high car body that offers a lot of floor space for a large battery, an electric variant also seems to be a smart bet. The Company will soon launch an EV based on HR-V in China. Given the historic six-to-seven-year model cycle of the car, the new hatch could make its debut up to 2020.